Labor is for Being a Good Global Citizen

Labor will advance Australia on the world stage as an independent state, a confident ally, a constructive neighbour and a good international citizen.

Labor has a proud tradition of advancing Australia’s interests and values. The last Federal Labor Government:

  • Launched the Asian Century White Paper and forged a strategic partnership with China;
  • Secured a seat on the UN Security Council which gave Australia a voice in critical international debates;
  • Went to the International Court of Justice to successfully seek an end to commercial whaling in the Southern ocean;
  • Appointed Australia’s first Global Ambassador for Women and Girls;
  • Helped pass a resolution through the UN limiting access to small arms.

Under the Liberal Government, Australia has become increasingly isolated on important international issues including climate change and economic inequality. Unprecedented cuts to the aid program have hurt some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people and damaged the aspirations of some of our closest neighbours. 

Australians deserve a government which builds strong bilateral and multilateral relationships, and protects our reputation as a good international citizen. 

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