Labor is for Better Health

Labor is the only party that stands for the right of all Australians to affordable health care, regardless of income or background.

We’re the party that created both Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, both of which vastly improved Australians’ access to quality healthcare.

While in government we invested more in health care than any previous government and delivered the highest levels of bulk billing in Australia’s history. 

Labor made reforms across the entire health system, providing record funding for preventive health and cutting smoking to record lows with world first tobacco plain packaging laws.

Tony Abbott broke his promise there would be no cuts to health, slashing more than $50 billion from public hospital funding.

Now he wants to introduce a GP Tax that will slug patients every time they see a doctor and hike the cost of medicines by more than $1.3 billion.

Labor will fight the Liberals' plans to privatise Australia’s health system.

We won’t accept an American style system where your credit card matters more than your Medicare Card. 

Because of Labor there are more doctors, more nurses, and a record number of GPs and nurses being trained. 

Labor believes in improving Australia’s health system at every level. 

Different communities have different health needs, and local communities deserve a say in how their health care is run. That is why Labor established Medicare Locals: to deliver better health services to local communities.  

Sadly, they are now also the victim of Liberals' broken promises, with all 61 Medicare Locals having been replaced by grossly inadequate new health bureaucracies. 

A person's dental health is often an indicator of their general health, and better dental care is a priority for Labor.

Labor introduced a dental care package that made it as easy for over 3.4 million kids to see a dentist as it is for them to see a doctor. Labor’s programs are also improving public dental services for pensioners and low-income earners. 

Sadly, many of these services are also the victim of Liberals' attack on universal healthcare. 

Improving support and treatment for people living with mental illness remains a priority for Labor.

In government, we announced Australia’s largest ever mental health reform package.

Our unprecedented investment included significantly expanding services and early intervention programs, including establishing headspace centres for young people, increasing coordination and support, and better targeting clinical services to the most vulnerable groups.

We are now mid-way through the roll out of our mental health reform program and it is critical that the Liberals commit to delivering the full benefit of Labor’s package. Mental health is too important an issue to play politics with.  

Labor created Medicare, and only Labor believes in Medicare.

Only a Labor Government will protect and advance a strong, decent health care system for all Australians, regardless of income or background. 


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