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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Anthony Albanese

Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy Kate Lundy


5 SEPTEMBER 2013  


Under the cover of releasing their so-called costings and only 36 hours before election-day, the Coalition has today dropped a bombshell promising to impose an internet filter on all Australians.

Liberal Spokesperson for Cybersafety Paul Fletcher has told ZDnet:

"What we intend to do is work with the industry to arrive at an arrangement where the default is that there is a filter in the home device, the home network, that is very similar to the filters that are available today.”

This is a massive breach of trust with the Australian people. 

Malcolm Turnbull once said of the internet filter:

“It’s dead, buried and cremated, and if it shows any signs of revival it will then be exorcised.”

But on the eve of the election, Malcolm Turnbull has put the internet filter back on the Coalition agenda, telling Triple J Hack: 

"The filter will be contained in software installed in either people's smartphones, or modems if they've got fixed-line broadband, which can be disabled at their option."

It is now clear that the Coalition will filter the internet and cut the NBN.

If you can’t trust the Coalition, don’t vote for them.

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