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David Feeney

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159 High Street
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Member for Batman

David was born and raised in Adelaide where he attended Mercedes College before moving to Melbourne obtain a Masters Degree in Public Policy at Monash University.

Growing up in a highly-charged political household, David was always a Labor supporter. He became a Labor activist at university after a friend encouraged him to join the Labor Club and then the Party.

"The values that led me to the ALP and guided me in my political life have been a belief in justice, equality of opportunity for all men and women, the fundamental human rights of us all and the need to eliminate discrimination wherever it is found - whether it be discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religion or belief."

Having worked for five years in the trade union movement, and for the Labor Party as Assistant National Secretary, David has spent his adult life fighting for fairness in our community.

David was elected as a Senator for Victoria in 2007 and was elected as Member for Batman in the House of Representatives in 2013. He lives with his wife Liberty in Melbourne. He enjoys a bit of light reading in his spare time as an ancient history buff.