National Executive

The National Executive is the chief administrative authority of the Australian Labor Party, subject only to Labor's National Conference.

National Executive is made up of the National President and National Vice Presidents (who are directly elected by Labor members), the Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party and 20 members elected by National Conference.

The members of Australian Labor's National Executive are:

Mark Butler (National President)*

Tim Hammond (National Senior Vice President)*

Jane Garrett (National Junior Vice President)*

George Wright (National Secretary)*

Bill Shorten (Leader, Federal Parliamentary Labor Party)

Edward McDougall (Australian Young Labor President)*

Anthony Albanese 

Tim Ayres

Julie Bignell

Carol Brown

Kim Carr

Russ Collison 

Stephen Conroy

Jamie Clements

Joe de Bruyn

Charlie Donnelly

Don Farrell

David Gray

Jennifer Howard

Sue Lines

Tara Moriarty

Michael Ravbar

Michelle Roberts

Ben Swan

Natalie Sykes-Hutchins

Linda White


*Non-voting members

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