National Policy Forum Election Results

The National Policy Forum sees Labor’s membership, affiliated unions and Caucus come together to discuss policy and develop Labor’s platform. 

In December 2016 the rank-and-file members listed below were elected to the NPF in a ballot of Labor's membership:

  • Verity Firth (NSW)
  • Cameron Murphy (NSW)
  • John Della Bosca (NSW)
  • Jennifer Light (NSW)
  • Nuatali Nelmes (NSW)
  • Mark Kettle (VIC)
  • Onagh Bishop (VIC)
  • Tony Clark (VIC)
  • Helen Said (VIC)
  • Laura Fraser-Hardy (QLD)
  • Sarah Carroll (QLD)
  • Nick Thompson (QLD)
  • Amanda Ronan-Hearn (QLD)
  • Tom Palmer (WA)
  • Dominic Rose (WA)
  • David Pearson (SA)
  • Simone McDonnell (SA)
  • Adam Clarke (TAS)
  • Ella Factor (ACT)
  • Pat Honan (NT)