Labor is for Rural and Regional Australia

Labor believes that a healthy, vibrant and prosperous rural and regional Australia is central to our country’s economic and social well-being. 

It is where we produce our food, fibre and minerals wealth, and it’s where millions of Australians call home.

The bush is also central to any discussion about our national identity; who we are, what we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. 

Labor is committed to rural and regional communities being the best they can be, to seizing the opportunities of the future.

Which is why in government Labor invested in rural and regional health, education, skills, roads, rail, and community services. We began to close the digital divide between our cities and the regions by building the National Broadband Network. 

The election of the Liberal Government has been disastrous for rural and regional Australia.  The Liberals' unfair budgets have left those living in regional Australia disproportionately worse off.

Throughout the country the ABC and SBS play a vital role in informing and entertaining people. But in rural and regional areas, people rely even more upon the ABC for their news and for essential emergency information. Despite this, the Liberal Government has decided to cut millions from the ABC and SBS, leading to losses of vital broadcasting services across rural and regional areas.

In Opposition, Labor will fight hard to protect those living in rural and regional Australia from the damaging impact of the Liberal Government.

We recognise that there’s more to be done. We want to help unlock rural and regional Australia's potential and work with these communities to secure their - and the nation's - future prosperity.


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