Labor is for Senior Australians

Thanks to advances in health, technology and lifestyle, Australians are living longer. Labor believes that our senior Australians should be honored and cherished, with their past and future contributions to our country celebrated and supported. 

Our seniors deserve opportunities and support that will allow them to contribute to society through business, education, employment and volunteerism.

It was Labor that created our pension system in 1909 and built universal superannuation in 1992. It is Labor that will continue to protect retirement incomes for all Australians and ensure financial security of older Australians.

In Government, Labor reformed the aged care system through the Living Longer Living Better package. These reforms mean the aged care system is fairer, more equitable, easier to access and sustainable for the future.

The Liberal Government treats our senior Australians as a burden. They are cutting seniors concessions & pensions, attacking the superannuation system, increasing the cost of healthcare and medicines, and ripping money out of aged care.

They have also axed the Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement, a payment that supported carers of people with severe behavioural and psychological symptoms associated with Dementia.

Our seniors should be supported, not neglected. Labor stands for ensuring that senior Australians across the country are not made second-class citizens by the Liberal Government.


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