Join the 82 Australians standing up for Developing a long-term vision for all Tasmanians

On 7 May 2015, the leader of the Federal Opposition, Bill Shorten announced the establishment of a Tasmanian Taskforce. The role of the Tasmania Taskforce is to develop a clear and coherent strategy that will grow jobs and enable Tasmania’s sustainable development into the future.

Tasmania has many opportunities but also faces specific challenges due to its social and geographic isolation. Recent job losses in traditional sectors as well as rising youth unemployment and a growing disadvantage for low-income families clearly focuses these challenges.

Despite being in power for 12 and 18 months respectively, the current State and Federal Governments have failed to listen to Tasmanians who understand where our future prosperity lies. Tasmania needs a vision that is about sustainable growth and change, not just election wish-lists.

That’s why we want as many Tasmanians as possible to be a part of the Tasmania Taskforce consultation and help us develop a long-term vision for all Tasmanians that builds on our strengths. 

The Tasmania Taskforce will focus on four key areas:

  1. Economic development – supporting Tasmania to transition to growing industries, including but not limited to renewable energy, boutique food production, aquaculture and eco and cultural tourism;
  2. Employment – growing employment through the state, including high-skill jobs of the future with particular focus on working with business and the community to improve opportunities in areas of high youth unemployment.
  3. Education – expanding the skills base and increasing attainment rates to ensure the next generation have the skills to drive the new economy as well as to provide retraining and upskilling opportunities for experienced workers seeking to make the transition; and
  4. Growing Tasmania – building upon the clean, green, safe and premium reputation of Tasmanian goods and services. 

We are inviting you to address one, some or all of these areas in your submission to the Taskforce. We want your brightest ideas on how you believe Governments – at a Local, State and Federal level – can best address these issues. Your submission can be a few sentences or a few pages.

Submissions close 31 August 2015. If you have any questions or you would like to send a submission directly to the Taskforce, please email

Submissions for the Tasmanian Taskforce have now closed. Thanks to everyone who made a submission!