Budget 2015

$100,000 Degree Plan Continues; Cuts to Cost Universities Over $3 Billion

Tony Abbott’s short-sighted Budget has comprehensively failed Australian students, universities and researchers.

This Budget is all about Tony Abbott’s job, not about building the skills and capacity to deliver the jobs of the future. 

This Budget re-commits the Liberals to their unfair and unnecessary plan for $100,000 degrees.

This Budget confirms Tony Abbott’s intention to cut funding for undergraduate student places by 20 per cent, costing universities around $3 billion over the current forward estimates.

And this Budget cuts university research yet again – slashing $263 million from Sustainable Research Excellence, on top of almost $430 million ripped from university research, equity and reward funding in the 2014‑15 Budget.

This is the wrong plan for the future and the wrong plan for jobs.

The Australian people overwhelmingly oppose university deregulation and university cuts, but the Abbott Government hasn’t listened and they haven’t learned.

Last year’s Budget broke trust with the Australian people after Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne had promised ‘masterly inactivity’ and no cuts to education.

“The Coalition has no plans to increase university fees.”


“I want to give people this absolute assurance, no cuts to education …”


This year’s Budget continues the theme of broken promises and short-sighted cuts.   

While Labor welcomes the extra year of funding for National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), Christopher Pyne has “fixed” his self-inflicted problem by ripping even more money out of universities.

This $263 million cut to research will cost jobs in our universities, and will rob our country of the new discoveries and applied science that create the jobs of the future.

Meanwhile, the Government insists on its Budget fantasy of deregulation and cuts to student funding, when all the evidence suggests this cannot be realised.

The question is whether this tells you more about the Government’s ideological obsessions or its desperation to mask the blowout in Joe Hockey’s deficit.

Rather than making the right decisions for Australia and investing in jobs, skills and new technologies, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul in a desperate attempt to save their own jobs.