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A future for the Auto Industry

The future of the Australian auto industry is at stake this election.

Federal Labor is investing in jobs and preparing the Australian economy for beyond the mining boom. This includes a commitment to continue making cars in Australia.

Kevin Rudd and Labor is investing an additional $500 million to 2020 for the future of the auto industry, providing the investment certainty the sector needs.

In contrast, Tony Abbott will cut $500 million in funding. Mr Abbott has failed to support Labor’s investments in Holden and Toyota. He has committed to “reviewing” the support for the auto sector. Under the Howard Government this meant planning to cut all support for the auto industry in 2015.

In fact, Mr Abbott has today said Labor’s support for the sector is “wasteful”.

“The big challenge for Mr Abbott today is very simple. How will his cuts effectively destroy the Australian car manufacturing industry? You can't dodge this one Mr Abbott, we need a plain and simple answer, today.”

Kevin Rudd, 17 August 2013

The choice is between Kevin Rudd and Labor’s positive plan for the future or Tony Abbott’s plan for huge cuts that will cost Australian jobs.



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