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A legacy in Tasmania & Fighting on in SA

On Saturday 15th March both Tasmania and South Australia went to the polls.

It was always going to be a tough fight in Tasmania for Labor, but South Australia has defied expectations with Labor still in with a chance.

A legacy in Tasmania

Despite a loss in Tasmania, Labor Leader Lara Giddings said she was proud of her government and its achievements.

"We will leave this office with this state in far better shape than when we inherited in 1998," she said.

"Tasmania is more inclusive, progressive, more dynamic and culturally confident than we were in 1998."

"We do have to accept after 16 years, Tasmanians today have voted for a change."

Bill Shorten congratulated Lara Giddings and Tasmanian Labor on their achievements after 16 years of government.

"Tasmania is a stronger, fairer society for their contribution. I am confident Labor will rebuild and be a strong and united opposition – that is what Tasmanians need," he said.

Labor will hold onto 6 seats in the Lower House with 3 seats currently in doubt. You can see up-to-date results here.

Labor fights on in South Australia

While many wrote off the chances of the Labor Party in South Australia, Premier Jay Weatherill has run a remarkable campaign fought on jobs, health and education. 

Labor could claim 23 of the 47 Lower House seats, giving them a chance of a fourth consecutive term, with a minority government.

Premier Jay Weatherill spoke to Labor supporters last night saying the election was "clearly too early to call" but that "we're hopeful of retaining government here in South Australia."

"Obviously I will be back to speak to you on another occasion, hopefully, to conclude what has been the unfinished business of tonight," he said.

"I hope that we will be saying that we are governing once again in South Australia, in the majority, but perhaps with the support of the independents."

Bill Shorten said that though the final result isn't clear, the message is.

"South Australians don’t want to see even more jobs in their state sent overseas. South Australians don’t want a repeat of the Abbott Government’s cuts to health and education," he said.

You can get the current state of results by clicking here.

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