Budget 2015

Abbott Fails Community Organisation Again

This Budget locks-in all the unfairness of the last Budget when it comes to cuts to community organisations.

This Budget failed to reverse the $270 million in cuts to community organisations contained in Tony Abbott’s first Budget.

Instead, Tony Abbott has set up a slush fund to plug the holes in service provision that have resulted from last year’s cuts.

This is a clear acknowledgement that the Government’s cuts have significantly compromised services, but provided only a short-sighted political fix. 

Organisations are being forced to cut back services and staff and some have already closed their doors forever.  

This budget is a short sighted political fix. It will do nothing to build a strong and vibrant community sector.

We cannot tackle poverty, homelessness or family violence, maintain and protect our environment and heritage, or have a flourishing cultural movement without strong communities and community organisations.

But this Government is ripping at the heart of the community sector. 

And this Budget has done nothing to repair the damage of last year.

Tony Abbot should reverse these unfair, short-sighted cuts in their entirety.