Budget 2015

Abbott's unfair cuts to families still in this Budget

Tony Abbott’s second Budget locks-in his unfair cuts to family payments that were in his first, whilst at the same time imposing savage new cuts to Paid Parental Leave.

It is clear Tony Abbott has learnt nothing from last year’s Budget.

This is a government that has unfairness at its core.

Despite promising that this Budget would not come at the expense of the family budget, Tony Abbott still wants to cut families off Family Tax Benefit B when their youngest child turns six.

He still wants to freeze Family Tax Benefit rates, eroding the value of these payments. 

As a result of last year’s Budget, a single income family on $65,000 a year will be as much as $6,000 a year worse off.

And now, Tony Abbott wants to rip a further $967.7 million from Paid Parental Leave in a new cut that will push around 80,000 mothers off PPL, leaving them up to $11,500 worse off.

This will also mean less time with their babies in the early years of their baby’s life.

Tony Abbott also wants to abolish the Large Family Supplement.

He is abolishing the Low Income Supplement, and reducing the portability of Family Tax Benefit Part A 

Tony Abbott’s rhetoric on families may have changed but his cuts to family payments haven’t.

The Budget has failed the fairness test - the fundamental unfairness of last year’s Budget disaster remains.

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