We need to fix Australia's aged care system

Neglect. That’s the legacy of the Morrison Government when it comes to aged care. 

The aged care sector was in crisis before coronavirus, and its weaknesses have now been exposed.

Our most vulnerable Australians are dying without their family by their sides. 

You’d think the Government’s response would be to take responsibility. 

You’d think the Minister would stick around to answer questions. But no. 

All we see from the Morrison Government is running away from the problem.

Too many Australians have suffered and we need your help to convince Scott Morrison’s Government to act.

Will you sign our petition calling on the Morrison Government to fix Australia’s broken aged care system?

We’re calling on the Morrison Government to take these eight actions to fix Australia’s broken aged care system:

  1. Minimum staffing levels in residential aged care
  2. Reduce the home care package waiting list so more people can stay in their homes for longer
  3. Ensure transparency and accountability of funding to support high quality care
  4. Independent measurement and public reporting as recommended by the Royal Commission this week
  5. Ensure every residential aged care facility has adequate personal protective equipment
  6. Better training for staff, including on infection control
  7. A better surge workforce strategy
  8. Provide additional resources so the Aged Care Royal Commission can inquire specifically into COVID-19 across the sector while not impacting or delaying the handing down of the final report

Older Australians deserve respect and dignity in aged care – they built Australia and they need our support.

Older Australians deserve better from Scott Morrison and his government. Their families deserve better.

So will you sign our petition and call on the Morrison Liberal Government to fix Australia’s broken aged care system? Together we can convince them that it’s time to act.