We need to fix Australia's aged care system

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s final report makes it absolutely clear – the aged care system is in crisis.

The Coalition Government has neglected older Australians, aged care residents and workers for years – it's a national disgrace.

The Royal Commission’s report was shocking but it wasn’t unexpected.

The Coalition Government have ignored the warnings of over 20 major reports and, as Treasurer, Scott Morrison ripped $1.7 billion from the system.

Too many Australians have suffered and after years of inaction and neglect, it’s hard to trust the Government to fix an aged care crisis they’re responsible for.

This is why we need your help to pressure Scott Morrison’s Government to act.

Australians need a government that can deliver – and not simply announce – change

Older Australians built this country. They and the families who love them deserve so much better than the chaotic, unsafe system that has evolved under Scott Morrison.

Aged care workers want to provide quality care for their residents, but they are exhausted, undervalued and stretched to their limit and, as we saw during the pandemic, they lack the resources they need to take care of vulnerable older Australians.

Will you sign our petition calling on the Morrison Government to fix Australia’s broken aged care system?

We’re calling on the Morrison Government to take real action to fix Australia’s broken aged care system and respond properly to the Royal Commission’s Final Report.

We can’t miss this opportunity for change. We can’t afford further years of Government neglect and empty announcements.

Older Australians deserve better. They deserve respect, dignity and safety in aged care.

So will you sign our petition and call on the Morrison Liberal Government to fix Australia’s broken aged care system? Together we can convince them that it’s time to act.

Information current as at March 2021.