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Albo calls Heidi to say thanks for her donation

After making a donation to Labor's campaign, Heidi was pretty chuffed to get a call from Albo yesterday (AKA the Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese)!

"When I heard who it was I was so shocked!! The kids were running around playing so I quickly ran into the office and shut the door.  It was pretty funny."

A mother of two, Heidi told the DPM she and her husband wanted to make sure Labor's NBN is delivered for their kids.  Albo responded with, "Well, I'm your guy!"  He told her that just that morning he'd turned on the NBN in Townsville to 14000 homes.

"It's really important Labor wins this election.  Hearing from Albo was just fantastic.  I wished him all the best for the campaign."


Donations like Heidi’s are helping to get the message out nationally, and put even more people on the ground in crucial seats we need to win.  If you'd like to help out, you can donate or volunteer too! Every bit counts.


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