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Mr Turnbull has again smashed Australia’s health system, ripping another $2.1 billion out of health spending and keeping the GP tax in place for another two years – a measure that will drive down bulk billing and force patients to pay more.

In another disastrous night for health, Mr Turnbull’s first Budget:

  • Cut another $182.2 million from the health flexible funds, taking the total cuts to these crucial health programs tackling drug and alcohol abuse, chronic disease, communicable diseases and rural health issues to almost $1 billion
  • Abolished the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, ripping a net $1 billion out of Commonwealth Dental spending
  • Ripped millions more out of health through cuts to Medicare items.

These are on top of the Mid-Year Budget Review that:

  • Cut $650 million out of Medicare by slashing bulk billing incentives for diagnostic imaging and pathology
  • Gutted crucial health workforce training programmes by $595 million
  • Ripped another $146 million out of health prevention and eHealth 

The Budget also continues to pursue two of Tony Abbott’s 2014 Budget measures:

  • The $1.3 billion hike in the price of essential medicines by increasing prescription charges by $5 for general patients and $0.80 for Health Care Card Holders
  • The $267 million attack on the Medicare Safety Nets

In total, Mr Turnbull has ripped $4.2 billion from health in just eight months in office. This proves the Liberals only ever see health as a source of Budget cuts, and will always look to make healthcare less affordable for those who need it most – the sick and the poor.

The only way we can stop these cuts is by winning on July 2. The polls show we’re in with a fighting chance, but we need your support to get over the line. Can you contribute to our campaign fighting fund for health and help us put advertising into key marginal seats across the country?

The Liberals are backed by the big end of town and will pump millions into every marginal seat so they can keep cutting health funding. Last time they outspent us three to one. In stark contrast, we’re powered by people just like you. 

Already over 20,000 Australians have donated an average of $33 to Labor’s campaign to help elect a Shorten Labor Government and stop these cuts. 

Labor believes all Australians should be able to access healthcare when and where they need it. That is what drives Labor’s health policy. That’s why we’ll oppose these cuts, but we can only do that with your support.


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