Help us fight $100,000 Degrees

Mr Turnbull’s budget slashes $2 billion from universities with confirmation that they will cut funding for student places by 20 per cent from 2018 and continue their ideological pursuit of deregulation.

The Liberals’ unfair plan for $100,000 degrees remains Mr Turnbull’s policy – it’s just been delayed a further 12 months.

On top of that, this budget slashes funding for the Higher Education Participation Program and the Office of Learning and Teaching by a further $180 million – on top of the $208 million cut from equity and quality programs over the past two Budgets.

The only way we can stop these cuts is by winning on July 2. The polls show we’re in with a fighting chance but we need your support. Can you contribute to our campaign fighting fund for education so we can put advertising into key marginal seats across the country?

The Liberals are backed by the big end of town and will pump millions into every marginal seat so they can keep cutting university funding. Last time they outspent us three to one. But Labor is powered b people like you. Already over 20,000 Australians have donated an average of $33 to Labor’s campaign to help elect a Shorten Labor Government and stop these cuts.

If we all chip in, together we can stop this unfair plan to gut universities and attack uni students.


We can't do it without you.

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