Help make large multinationals pay their fair share

Mr Turnbull had important choices to make with this budget and he's chosen big business over families. He had an opportunity to finally follow Labor’s lead and crackdown on multinational tax avoidance, but instead he's chosen to give huge tax breaks to the big end of town.

In fact, Mr Turnbull is so desperate to give a tax cut to multinationals that he’s planning to define them as small businesses. Apparently in Mr Turnbull’s Australia, big businesses like Goldman Sachs are a small business!?

The Coalition’s multinational tax measures are budgeted to raise just $200 million over the forward estimates – or $650 million if we include the costing they now attribute to last year’s measures. This falls well short of Labor’s multinational tax package, which raises $1.9 billion over the forward estimates and $7.2 billion over the decade.

We can't let them get away with another three years of inaction on this critical issue. When multinationals exploit tax loopholes that allow them to send their profits overseas, all it means is less money for our schools and our hospitals. 

The only way we can stop them is by winning on July 2. The polls show we’re in with a fighting chance to do just that, but we need your support to get over the line. Can you contribute to our campaign fighting fund to stop multinational tax avoidance and help us put advertising into key marginal seats across the country?

Already over 20,000 Australians have donated an average of $33 to Labor’s campaign to help elect a Shorten Labor Government that puts people first. Last election the Liberals outspent us by three to one, but you can help level the playing field. Contribute to our campaign today.



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