Budget 2015

Budget confirms unemployment will soar under Tony Abbott

By the Abbott Government’s own admission, unemployment will be higher and stay higher as a result of this Budget.

Despite the Government’s rhetoric, the Budget forecasts unemployment to reach 6.5 per cent - the highest unemployment rate in more than 14 years.

This is not a Budget for Australia’s future or about Australian jobs - this is a short-sighted attempt to save Tony Abbott’s job.

Not only is the unemployment rate projected to skyrocket to 6.5 per cent in 2015/16, the unemployment rate is higher every year for the next four years than was forecast in last year’s Budget and MYEFO.

The Government has failed its own test in advance.

The Budget has more tax, more debt and higher unemployment. 

This Budget has failed the future test and it has failed the fairness test  

The fundamental unfairness of last year’s Budget disaster remains.

Instead of investing in job creation through infrastructure, innovation and engagement with industry the Government has doggedly continued to pursue its unfair $80 billion cut from hospitals and schools; $100,000 university degrees; and cuts to family payments.

It is also unclear why, with unemployment increasing, the Government has provided less money for job seekers next year – particularly by reducing the money available for wage subsidies. 

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