Budget 2015

Budget Fails The Fairness Test And Future Test For Women

The 2015 Budget has failed the future test and the fairness test for Australian women.

This year’s Budget has kept all of the unfairness of last year’s Budget’s and exposed Tony Abbott’s title of the Minister for Women for the sham that it is.

This Budget has shown that Tony Abbott’s interest in addressing gender inequality is directly correlated to its political benefit. 

Australian women deserve better than a self-serving government desperate to save its own skin, not desperate to improve gender inequality. 

The Budget has failed to reverse cuts to legal services and community support services that assist women suffering domestic violence. 

The Budget cuts Paid Parental Leave for 88,000 Australian women, child care support for mums and family payments.

The Budget confirms the Abbott Government’s commitment to introducing $100,000 university degrees which will disproportionately affect women.

The Government’s GP Tax by stealth will also disproportionately affect women as they struggle to meet the cost of seeing a doctor and buying medicines.

Tony Abbott should acting in his own interests and start acting in the interests of Australian women full-time.