Call The Greens

Call the following Greens Senators and voice your concerns loud and clear using standard lines available HERE:

Richard Di Natale: (02) 6277 3170
Adam Bandt: (02) 6277 4775

If that number is busy, you can also try: 
Richard Di Natale: (03) 5221 4100
Adam Bandt: (03) 9417 0759

Here's some talking points you can use on the call.

  • Last election 3.3 million people voted for minor parties and independents. These changes would act to extinguish these voters views.

  • When optional preferential voting has been implemented in the states, we see a huge number of exhausted votes. These votes are effectively thrown away, undermining our democracy.

  • The last time we ended up with a big swag of Coalition senators, we got WorkChoices. We can't risk the coalition getting an absolute majority.

  • Who benefits from these changes? Major parties (including us) and the Greens. We can't let our self interest and those of the Greens dictate the way we run our elections.