Budget 2015

Child care changes don't erase impact of family cuts

Despite the Government’s child care changes, this is not a budget for families.

The Government’s child care changes are drowned out by savage cuts to family payments and new cuts to Paid Parental Leave. 

A true “families package” would help all families, not pit them against each other.

This Budget provides no relief for families battling high cost-of-living pressures right now.

The child care changes do not start until 2017, leaving parents with no extra assistance to help with the rising cost of child care.

We also can’t ignore the fact that the child care changes will cut access for lower-income families and force some families out of child care entirely.

Tony Abbott has kept his brutal cuts to family payments, leaving some families $6,000 a year worse off. Tony Abbott doesn’t understand that the cost of raising children doesn’t get lower as children get older.

He also wants to rip a further $967.7 million from Paid Parental Leave in a new cut that will leave about 80,000 mothers worse off and potentially forced to spend less time with their newborn babies.

Labor has a strong history of child care and early education reform.

Labor supports investment in early education, the continuation of national quality standards and a system which is simpler for parents.

However we will not support the Government holding families to ransom.

Families should not be put in the middle of a cruel trade-off for Tony Abbott’s political benefit.