Chris Buckingham

Candidate for McMillan

Chris and his partner Mikaela have lived in the McMillan electorate since moving to Gippsland in 1997.  He is a globally recognised tourism expert.

Chris has direct experience owning and operating a small business, leading community organisations and working as a senior manager in business and government.  He is the former CEO of Destination Melbourne and General Manager, Gippsland Tourism. 

Integrity, innovation, excellence, accountability and respect underpin the way Chris works with people. Chris has successfully combined the pursuit of a just and fair society with the delivery of outcomes across business, community and government over many years.

Chris joined the ALP in 1998, when he saw firsthand the Kennett Government’s complete disregard for Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley.

Chris is an intelligent, outgoing and energetic person who has earned a reputation for developing effective solutions to tough challenges through a combination of strategy, creativity and hard work.

Chris has always been a strong advocate for protecting workers' rights, creating meaningful career paths for people entering the workforce and developing visitor experiences that enhance community life.  He is a positive and dynamic leader who has always worn his passion for community on his sleeve.

Chris is a surfing tragic who now spends more time walking the dogs than in the water. He is a family man inspired by community life.