Chris Gambian

Chris Gambian

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PO Box 334
Riverwood NSW 2204

0438 898 198

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Candidate for Banks

Chris was born and raised locally after his parents moved from south India in the mid-1970s. He has spent most of his working life speaking up for other people as a trade union official with the bank workers union. 

You may have bought milk or petrol from Chris when he worked at BP in Riverwood while he was at University of Sydney. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Labour Law.

Chris is passionate about ensuring that every person can have a strong voice in the halls of power -- whether that's fighting to keep your job, standing up to a bully or making sure government hears you.

Chris believes that Australia is at its best when we are working together, in each other’s interests. But we currently have a government that is rationing out opportunity, and driving people apart, that only cares about what is good for corporate executives, and thinks quality education and health care belong only to the privileged few. Only a Shorten Labor Government can turn this around.

Chris and his wife Kate have a daughter Milly. Chris is committed to Labor's Your Child. Our Future plan, so every child will get the assistance they need to have a good education, regardless of whether they are in a public, Catholic or independent school.