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Declan Stands for Climate Action

On Sunday thousands of people came out to show their support for action on climate change.

Declan was one of the many Labor supporters that joined in the events held across the country. He and 500 others braved the terrible weather at his local rally in Newcastle, where he spoke about why we need action on climate change. 

“During the last few days many of us have watched in horror as the new government attempts to repeal the Clean Energy Future Package which was formulated through months of challenging negotiations involving the Independent, Green and Labor members of the cross-party climate change committee of the last parliament.

Declan.jpgFor me the need for action on climate change is a no brainer. Our scientists continue to inform us of the need for action – with each update from the IPCC indicating with greater certainty both the fundamental science and tremendous risks posed by climate change.

Here in the Hunter we have witnessed first-hand the destructive power of a changing climate having earlier in the year sweltered through the hottest summer on record; despite present conditions we have lived through months of unprecedentedly low rainfall; and just recently watched in terror as our friends and neighbour’s property came under threat in severe fire conditions.

I believe that the need for action on climate change is a matter of equality. It’s a matter of equity. And it’s a matter of social justice. Whilst the consequences of a changing climate will affect each and every one of us – there need be no doubt those who have the least will be affected the most.1460297_557875507622184_2015198661_n.jpg

Whilst this challenge may seem significant, each and every one of us can assist in driving change – by engaging long term in organisations like Climate Action Newcastle. By meeting with local MPs and Senators. By writing into local newspapers, and talkback radio; and by having courageous conversations with those still skeptical of action.

Thank you.” 

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