Budget 2015

Cuts continue in aged care

Tony Abbott’s second Budget demonstrates he is only prepared to fight for his job and not for the jobs of aged care workers.

After ripping millions of dollars out of aged care in its first Budget and despite promising to develop an aged care workforce strategy, all the Abbott Government’s short-sighted second Budget does is cut an additional $40.2 million.

In addition, the Budget has failed mature age workers.

In spite of the rhetoric around the Intergenerational Report, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey remain determined to increase the Age pension eligibility age to 70, giving Australia the oldest retirement age in the world.

This comes on top of the Abbott Government’s cuts to their retirement savings by freezing the increase to compulsory superannuation and cuts to the Low Income Superannuation Concession.

Forcing older Australians to work longer without providing any additional support and retire with less in superannuation is fundamentally unfair and stupidly short-sighed.

Tony Abbott must address the urgent needs in the aged care workforce rather than worrying about his short-term political needs.

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