David Kerrigan

David Kerrigan

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PO Box 280
Dalby QLD 4405

0427 350 129



Candidate for Maranoa

Dave has lived in the Maranoa electorate all his life. He was born in Longreach and has lived in Barcaldine for the past 32 years.

After leaving school he worked in the shearing industry for many years before starting work with Queensland Health. Dave has held many roles, including an Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Councillor, and is currently an Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Co-ordinator as part of a Mental Health team.

Dave is highly involved in various community organisations across the electorate. He has strong connections particularly with QRL and NRL, coaching and working with young players from across the state.

Dave is concerned about the impact of LNP cuts to jobs, as well as health and education funding, on regional and remote communities. He is particularly passionate about jobs and employment opportunities for young people in Maranoa.

He believes Maranoa needs an active engaged MP who understands the electorate, the needs of the families within it, and is part of a government that has a focus on jobs, returning vital services to regional communities and has a vision for the future for farmers and local businesses