Small donations from our supporters provide us with the vast majority of the funding we need to be able to run campaigns in between elections.

With small donations from our supporters we can stay active on the issues that matter most: things like saving Medicare, keeping education fair and bringing back a carbon price.

The average donation is $38.90 and the vast majority of people give less than $100, many give just $5, for which we are very grateful given the number of students and pensioners amongst our donors.

When you give to Australian Labor for a particular campaign, we will only spend your donation on the issue you’ve donated for.

To keep the wheels turning in our small team, we also depend on regular donations. Regular donations help us to budget and as we get closer to the election, they will help us hire more organisers to increase our campaigning capacity on the ground and online.

Any donations over $12,100 in a financial year are required by law to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission, however on principle we disclose all donations over $1,000.

If you would like to donate to Australian Labor you can do so here.