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Don’t let Abbott ‘do a Newman’ on Australia

According to QLD Premier Campbell Newman, I’m a boring paper pusher. Just another public servant who can be made redundant, and that’s exactly what he did when the QLD Coalition government took the axe to 180 professionals like me working in preventative medicine in our state.

Problem is, it turns out doctors and nurses can’t do the paperwork, treat patients, and run healthcare system all by themselves. They also need help keeping people out of the health system, which ironically saves taxpayers money in the long run. Since Newman axed these ‘unnecessary’ jobs, 17 public health units in Brisbane are now down to one. People in rural and regional QLD have lost access to vital services, and I’m concerned new graduates won’t even get the opportunity to do the jobs our community needs.  

The old adage that prevention is better than cure applies more ways than one. The Liberal National Party promised in writing not to cut units like mine before the election. Post-election, Newman established a commission of audit and then did exactly that. Abbott’s made the same promises to commission a review of spending if elected.

And today Campbell Newman made the papers giving advice to Tony Abbott on how to improve Australia’s economy: “copy me”.  

I hope that doesn’t happen.

Don’t let Tony Abbott do to Queensland what his mates have done here. Newman’s cuts haven’t worked. Unemployment is up, services are down. People are suffering.



Phil Carswell

PS: To see the kinds of things Newman has cut in Qld, click here

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