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Glen Dallimore

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Candidate for Mayo

Raising my two boys locally, I’m committed to working for the best possible future for our community in Mayo. I’ve lived in the Adelaide Hills for 16 years, surrounded by my extended family.

I know things can be better and we must protect local jobs, improve our schools and invest in universal healthcare, because I want my kids to have a great future.

I’m a shipbuilder, a fitter and turner by trade, a former Holden and auto worker. Recently I’ve watched too many friends and colleagues lose their jobs as a result of the Abbott-Turnbull Government and I know that we must act now to save South Australian manufacturing and industry.

That’s why I am putting my hand up for the seat of Mayo. I’m running for Labor because I believe in Bill Shorten and his team’s plan to put people first.
With two boys in Primary school I believe fully funding Gonski is the best way to give our kids a quality education.

I am committed to Medicare because all Australians should have access a doctor. I don’t want to live in a country where a parent can’t afford to take their children to the doctor in their time of need.
Having watched my parents run their small business I know successful small businesses drive jobs and our economy. That is why I support Labor’s tax cuts for small businesses.

I have a strong history of community service having served with both the CFS and the Army Reserve and having been an active member of the of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) for over 10 years.
My hobbies include home renovation, cooking for my family and getting outdoors with my kids on weekends.

I will stand up for Mayo in every arena, at every venue, and to every audience. I will be honoured to represent you.