Will you help bring the Biloela family home?

The Biloela family – Priya, Nades, and their two Australian born daughters Kopika and Tharunicaa – were taken from their home in Biloela more than three years ago and placed in immigration detention on Christmas Island.

The federal court found last year that the Morrison Government had denied Tharunicaa procedural fairness in having her claim for protection assessed.

In June Tharunicaa fell seriously ill in immigration detention on Christmas Island with pneumonia and sepsis. The entire family was then transferred to Perth while Tharunicaa received medical treatment.

In bitter-sweet news, the Minister for Immigration has provided Nades, Priya and Kopika a twelve-month bridging visa, but has provided no bridging visa to Tharunicaa.

This means this little 4-year-old girl, born in Australia, remains in immigration detention in the community.

And, of course, the family is still stuck in Perth and can’t return to Biloela – a community that loves and wants them home. To date they have no certainty over their long term future.

We must keep the pressure on the Morrison Government that Australians want this family to return home to Biloela. Will you sign our petition calling on Scott Morrison to let them return home to Biloela?

Our request to Mr Morrison is simple:

  • Let the Murugappan family return home to the Biloela community that loves them and wants them home. Mr Morrison, now is the time for the family to go #HomeToBilo

Information current as at September 2021