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How has Medicare helped you?

Just after Christmas, it was revealed that the Abbott Government wants to put a tax on GP and hospital visits.

We've all had times in our lives where having free access to a doctor has a made a difference. 

With Medicare’s 30th birthday fast approaching, we need to make these stories heard and let Australians know what having universal access to a doctor and health care means.

Can you tell us your story about how having Medicare has made a difference to your life? 

And if you also share a birthday with Medicare and were born on February 1, then click here and let us know. You’re one of the lucky people who has had your entire life covered by Labor’s universal healthcare system and we want to put you into an online book for Medicare’s birthday. We might even share your story with the media to show just how important Medicare is.

Medicare has touched everyone’s lives in one way or another, so click here and let us know your story.

If we tell our stories to the rest of the nation, then we can make it clear to Mr Abbott that Australians won’t stand for him messing with our Medicare.

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