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How many more will go?

Before the election, Tony Abbott promised that he would create one million new jobs within five years.

With Toyota announcing that it will be closing its doors in 2017, Tony Abbott has already lost 63,000 jobs.

In just five months since coming to power Tony Abbott has not added a single job to the economy, instead losing 63,000 full-time positions and all but ending Australia's manufacturing industry.

Australia's unemployment rate is now at 6%. The highest it has been in a decade - even higher than during the depths of the Global Financial Crisis. In fact, the only time unemployment has been above 6% in the last decade was in 2003 when Tony Abbott was the Employment Minister.

Upon coming to government Tony Abbott said that Australia was "open for business." Unfortunately, for working Australians, this just seems to mean more jobs going overseas and more attacks by the government on some of our lowest paid employees.

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