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Brodi from the Denison Campaign

Brodi has been out since the beginning of the year in the seat of Denison working in support of Jane Austin, his local candidate.

While we usually don’t expect young guys like Brodi to be out knocking on doors on a cold Saturday morning, Brodi loves helping out on his local campaign. 

Whether it's door knocking, making calls or dropping flyers in letter boxes, he wants to do what it takes to help win the election.

Here's Brodi out with some fellow volunteers helping out the campaign. (He's the tall one in the middle!)


When asked what his favourite moment of the campaign so far has been, he said that it was when he was “on the phone to someone who didn’t support Jane and after a bit of time hearing about what Jane wants to do for the community, they decided to get on board and offer their support”!

He also really loves that Jane is a powerful advocate for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, also known as DisabilityCare Australia, and Better Schools. He knows what a difference these both will make to his local community, and that we need leaders who believe in them to deliver. 

Brodi loves what he’s doing and he’s encouraged other people to get on board too – because “volunteering is really rewarding, it’s great getting out and speaking to people about the issues they’re passionate about”.

With just three weeks to go, this is the perfect time to get out and volunteer. You can volunteer just on Election Day or any time between now and September 7, whether you have one hour to give or 100.

It’s going to be extremely close. This election will be won suburb by suburb, street by street. Brodi knows that volunteers are crucial to getting the message out to voters who will be hurt by Abbott’s cuts that there is a better way. This is our future and we’re going to choose investment and jobs, not cuts. 




If you have a volunteer on your campaign you reckon deserves a shout out send stories, pics and videos to online@australianlabor.com.au 

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