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Elija from the Banks Campaign

Elija is a new volunteer out and about in the seat of Banks, where he’s supporting his local candidate, Daryl Melham.

Elija.jpgHe started volunteering just before the election campaign officially kicked off –and Elija is giving 110% to his local team.

A typical day for Elija involves making calls to his local community, helping to organise campaign events and going out into the community to talk to people.

One thing that Elija loves about the team down in Banks is, “how diverse they all are, they all bring their own thing to the campaign and it really adds up.”

It’s obvious he’s a people person. When asked about his favourite part of volunteering he said it’s “going out and connecting with the electorate. You get to act as a sounding board and hear from people about what really matters.”

He talks about what made him want to get involved: “Volunteering is important to the community. When an election comes around everyone should pull their weight and try to help out, it’s much better than sitting on the fence and whinging about how it turns out!” Elija says.

This election will be won thanks to the hard work of volunteers across the country.  People just like Elija are making great memories, meeting awesome people and doing their bit for the Australia they want. To find out more and join in, register your interest on our volunteer page, and one of the team will be in touch with you soon. 



If you have a volunteer on your campaign you reckon deserves a shout out send stories, pics and videos to online@australianlabor.com.au 

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