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Felix from the Moreton Campaign

Well, our PM said it – the only thing standing between Australia and an Abbott-led Government is as many volunteers as we can muster to get on board!  Over the campaign we want to introduce you to each other; volunteer to volunteer, campaign to campaign.  Together we make up an ever-growing group of volunteers across the country who have chosen to stand with Kevin this election.

Today we introduce you to Felix in Brisbane.

When Liberal Premier Campbell Newman flagged closing down Felix’s school Nyanda High, he joined his local Labor MP Graham Perrett to make more than 100 calls to save his school community.  Felix is standing with Kevin this election to make sure Tony Abbott doesn’t get the chance to do the same thing to schools around Australia.

"Nobody wants their local high school closed - everyone knows it's an important community hub.  Right up to election day I'll be in Graham's office making phone calls on Tuesday afternoons, and helping out on the weekends.  People should come out and get involved because you end up making great friends.  I'll be doing absolutely everything I can possibly do to help Labor win this election!"

Protecting education across the nation, Felix is the coolest Nerd on the East Coast of Aus!!! Click here to get involved like Felix and volunteer on the campaign!  

Here he is chatting with the media after a local rally to save his school. 




If you have a volunteer on your campaign you reckon deserves a shout out send stories, pics, videos and pictures of cute cats to online@australianlabor.com.au 


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