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Maureen from the Isaacs Campaign

Maureen is one of the star volunteers in the Isaacs campaign in Victoria.  She has been volunteering almost daily to get Mark Dreyfus re-elected since the field campaign was launched seven weeks ago.

When the Isaacs campaign called Maureen for help she hit the ground running. 

“I set aside Monday mornings and all day Friday and got onto the phones.  That was two months ago.  Now I’m team leader for what we call Isaacs Lower."

If you head out on a Saturday in Bonbeach, Carrum or Patterson Lakes, you’ll probably see Maureen and her team – at street stalls, letter boxing, door knocking, phone banking and doing "whatever needs to be done".  

“I’d do anything for the campaign – I would stand on my head if you asked me to!”

Maureen has had huge success hosting community meetings at her house, recruiting five new people every week!

“The best bit is talking to people face-to-face.  When you are actually speaking to people they start to tell you their story, and you really get to know your neighbourhood.   It’s fantastic.  And that feeling you get after having a conversation with a true believer – honestly, there’s nothing like it!!”

Get amongst it like Maureen and volunteer for the campaign to help Kevin Rudd and Labor this Federal election!  





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