Katie Gompertz

Katie Gompertz

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PO BOX 3015
Asquith NSW 2077

0417 952 723

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Candidate for Bradfield

Katie was born in Lilydale Melbourne and she has lived on the north shore of Sydney for 12 years.

After starting a family in 2010, and already holding a Bachelor of Arts, Katie embarked on a part time Masters of Management at the University of South Australia which was completed in December 2015. Always active in the arts industry Katie is passionate about arts funding, expressing bitter disappointment at the newest round of arts funding cuts that saw 62 arts organisations lose their operational funding from Australia Council.

Over the last 4 years Katie has spent her time and energy raising awareness for Domestic Violence including for the last year writing the Domestic Violence column in the South Sydney Herald when she noted a gaping hole of reporting in mainstream media on the prevalence of DV in Australia.

A staunch advocate for Australia's greatest achievement, Medicare, Katie will fight to stop the systemic destruction of this fundamental human right and an Americanisation of our beloved system, and it’s a system that works.

Education is a basic right for each child and the Gonski recommendations can and will change the opportunity for each child that needs it within the public, independent and private school system.

Katie is a new member to the ALP 2016 and has always held progressive ideals, Katie believes in social justice and will be a voice of social conscience in the Bradfield electorate.