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Kevin calls Michelle to say thanks for donating

Michelle from Bundaberg got an unexpected phone call this morning – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd phoned to say thanks for donating five bucks to the election campaign. 

Certain she was listening to a voice recording, or someone was pulling a prank, she took a little bit of convincing before she looked down at her three year old daughter in her lap: ‘Georgia, The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is on the phone!’

“It was lovely.  I’m still in shock, really.  He thanked me for my donation and for helping Leanne Donaldson out in the Hinkler campaign.  I’ve put my name down for letter boxing.”

A former swinging voter, Michelle became interested in politics when Kevin campaigned in 2007, and has supported Labor ever since.  She is not a member of the Labor Party (yet), but will be volunteering for Leanne Donaldson's campaign in Hinkler.

"We talked about his granddaughter and I was telling him what Georgia had said to me when she saw Tony Abbott on the TV last night “Mummy, I don’t like that man…”  He joked that children have a sense of these things and we had a good laugh.”

Michelle told the PM that while she didn't have much to give, she figured every little bit counts, and that it was incredibly important to stop Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister.  

There are thousands of Australians out there like Michelle, giving what they can to help Kevin and Labor win this election.

Donations like Michelle’s are helping to get the message out nationally, and put even more people on the ground in crucial seats we need to win.  If you'd like to help out too, you can donate or volunteer below. Every bit counts!




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