Budget 2015

Labor welcomes continued roll out on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Labor welcomes the continued rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that will see around 300,000 Australians with disability brought into the scheme over the next three years.

Many Australians have waited their whole lives for the NDIS.

Labor is also pleased to see funding for a new ICT system to better support over 460,000 participants and service providers who will be part of the NDIS.

We know people with disability, their carers and families welcome the continued investment.

Labor created the NDIS, a transformative scheme that will provide people with disability the support and care they have waited so long for.

In Government, Labor ensured the NDIS is fully funded into the future.

The NDIS is also an important economic and social reform that will create jobs and unlock the potential of thousands of people with disability and their carers. 

It is also encouraging to see progress in support for Australian Disability Enterprises which are doing important work in providing employment for more than 19,000 people with disability.

Labor will work to ensure the experiences of people in supported employment meet their career goals and aspirations whilst also ensuring the commercial viability and sustainability of the sector.

We will continue to stand up for Australians with disability, their carers and families.  


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