Lydia Senior

Candidate for Mallee

Lydia is an advocate for human and animal rights and the environment. Lydia has campaigned long and hard to "Make Mallee Marginal".

Lydia believes the community's desire for the return of our passenger train will only come when the seat of Mallee becomes a marginal seat and no longer taken for granted. 

Lydia is an intelligent highly motivated person who values natural justice and a fair go for everyone. Lydia has zero tolerance for bullying or intimidation of any kind.

Lydia is determined to ensure the residents of the Mallee have full and local access to the range of health care services they need, when they need them. She wants everyone to have access to life long learning and support, which is built upon a solid education. Lydia knows Labor's Your Child. Our Future will ensure the best education outcome for all children in the Mallee.

Lydia understands the Mallee. She knows a disadvantaged regional area must have access to the National Broadband Network as soon as possible, preferably fibre-to-the-premises standard which the community regard as critical.

Lydia campaigns on a range of social supports which she sees as essential and non-negotiable in modern Australia, like adequate pensions and superannuation, care of the elderly and a strategic approach to women's affairs.