Mr Turnbull's Disunity Ticket on Schools

It’s official - Malcolm Turnbull will go to the election with a “disunity ticket” on schools.

Despite the Liberals’ promises at the last election to match Labor’s school funding “dollar for dollar”, Mr Turnbull will cut $29 billion from Australian classrooms over the next decade.

This Government’s Budgets have only ever done one thing – rip funding out of schools. Tony Abbott’s school cuts are at the heart of Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget.

After only reversing $1 billion of the $30 billion cuts, Malcolm Turnbull can’t seriously expect Australians to be grateful.

In an extra blow, it has been revealed that the much-spruiked money allocated for students with disability is actually part of the $1.2 billion already announced, not additional money.

In direct contrast, Labor will put $3.5 billion more into classrooms than Malcolm Turnbull in 2018 and 2019 alone, because we know that securing Australia’s future depends on investing in people.

Labor’s plan will put people first by making sure every student in every school has the support they need to achieve their best. The Liberals will do nothing but cut.