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National Day of Action on Climate

On Sunday thousands of people across Australia will take part in a National Day of Climate Action. 

I’m going to be there and I hope you will be too, because sometimes there’s no other way to prove how important something is to us all than through a show of sheer numbers. Find your nearest event here.

In the same week as the World Meteorological Organisation reported that Australia’s temperatures this year are putting us on track for the hottest year on record, the Coalition introduced legislation which will make us the first country in the world to go backwards on stopping carbon pollution.

It’s been a tough week for those of us who have long understood the need to put a limit on carbon pollution and ensure polluters pay, but we cannot — and must not — give up. Australia is a land of extremes, and because of that we stand to suffer from even greater impacts than other nations. For the sake of our children, there is no choice but to continue to stand up for their future.

Sunday’s events will be fun and family friendly, look out for the Labor banners and Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) placards, and print off this sign and bring it along to make sure our message is crystal clear. 

Now is not the time to be silent so click here to say you'll go. It’s just a couple of hours on Sunday, but if there are enough of us it will make a lasting impact.

Mark Butler
Shadow Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water

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