Benson Koschinski

Candidate for Berowra

How to vote for Labor in Berowra

Benson Koschinski, the Labor Party candidate for Berowra, is a 26-year-old video and motion graphics editor living in Carlingford.

He is a former student of Pennant Hills High School and a graduate of Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Media.

Benson is a strong advocate for action on climate change. During high school and university, Benson was a volunteer for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. He has created documentaries about climate change and fossil fuels, most recently as a member of Young Labor.

Benson is a member of the Labor Party because he believes that workers must be at the centre of government climate policy. The only way to build the net-zero emissions economy of the future is to ensure that Australians are employed in the jobs of the future.

As the Labor candidate, Benson is campaigning for the implementation of a national anti-corruption commission, better aged care, fixing the NBN, and supporting schools, TAFE and universities.