Bill Brindle

Candidate for Casey

Bill Brindle, Labor’s candidate for Casey is a small business owner with an interest in practical engineering.

This real world experience gives Bill a solid understanding of the challenges small businesses face.

It also means that he has a real sense of the pressures placed on working families.

Bill is proud to be a local Casey resident. He understands the importance of community involvement; both he and his wife Susan have always been active community members.

Bill believes that community organisations are the backbone of the electorate.

As the local Member, Bill would offer all available support to ensure that local organisations continue to form and flourish.

As the father of two daughters, Bill understands the fundamental value of a good education.

This means local access to high quality education and training for our kids as well as our young adults. Bill would relish the challenge of building on the TAFE sector foundations which have been recently flagged by Australian Labor.

Being a parent also reinforces Bill’s understanding of the need for affordable and timely healthcare.

At the core of this is our universal healthcare system, introduced by Labor, which has proved its worth for over forty years. Healthcare is a fundamental part of building communities which flourish.

Bill’s concerns also include aged care, safer workplaces, the phasing out of live sheep exports and better funding for our much loved ABC.

Bill will be a strong local member dedicated to serving the electorate of Casey.