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Candidate for Braddon

How to vote for Labor in Braddon

Chris Lynch is our Federal Labor Candidate for Braddon. 

Chris was taught the value of hard work from his grandfathers and has carried these lessons with him throughout his life. Chris has had a variety of careers, he has gone where the world took him – from KFC as a 17-year-old, to performing artist and sound engineer, travelling the nation and the world. But wherever Chris went, he always felt the pull of the North West Coast and his love of family and home. Our community saw him return to the coast in 1995.  

From there, his time as a VET teacher and youth worker on the North West and West Coasts of Tasmania, has inspired his need to support people who sometimes just need a bit of assistance to find their strengths, and find opportunities to build on those strengths in a respectful way.   

He has been actively involved in school associations and neighbourhood houses, Family Based Care and chair of Burnie Works. Through all this work he has seen how important removing the barriers faced by some in our community is so that no one is held back or left behind.  

He is passionate about his community and hearing all its voices, especially the disengaged, making sure people are properly consulted and engaged with the process of building a better future for us and our children. 

As your local member, Chris would be striving to improve the quality of life for the entirety of the Braddon community. Chris will prioritise building more housing, developing our industrial base to create secure jobs, providing affordable childcare for working parents as well as respectful care for our elderly and for those living with disability. 

Chris and his partner of 25 years Donna live in Burnie. They have a daughter Chloe, and 2 stepdaughters, Mikaela and Jacqueline along with two grandsons.