Elida Faith

Candidate for Leichhardt

How to vote for Labor in Leichhardt

As a former Centrelink worker for 12 years and a working mum, Elida understands just how much locals in our community are struggling. Elida has spent her career fighting for working Far North Queenslanders.

Having lived in Cairns for 21 years and worked as a union organiser representing the dedicated workers serving our community at Centrelink, Border force and other Government offices, Elida has seen firsthand the challenges faced by the communities in Far North Queensland. 

With a tired LNP Government in Canberra, Far North Queensland is facing skyrocketing insurance costs, a housing crisis and an economy that is leaving hard working Australians behind.

Elida put her hand up as the Labor Candidate for Leichhardt to fight for solutions to these problems and to deliver the investment needed for the region. 

This election is a choice between Scott Morrison, who never takes responsibility, or Elida, a committed local fighter with a clear recovery plan for jobs & health and the energy to deliver for FNQ.