Glen Palmer

Candidate for Moncrieff

How to vote for Labor in Moncrieff

Gold Coast local Glen Palmer is ready to fight for the region he loves and the community of Moncrieff. Glen put his hand up as the candidate because for too long his community has felt neglected and unsupported by the Morrison Government. 

Living on the Gold Coast with his wife Karen and daughter Chloe, Glens works as a counsellor providing services for victims of violent crime. Not one to shy from hard work, he has worked across several industries including owning small businesses, touring as a musician and as a volunteer fire fighter.

Glen knows the Gold Coast is a special part of Australia – from the beaches and rainforests, to the diversity and vibrancy of the community. And with that he has seen the community and population grow, yet the Gold Coast has seen no planning, no support, and no action from the Morrison Government. 

The neglect under Scott Morrison has left the community of Moncrieff disadvantaged, particularly with lagging road infrastructure, failures in aged care and lack of affordable housing.

The people of Moncrieff are not getting the leadership they deserve from the Morrison Government.

Unlike Scott Morrison who only acts when there is a crisis, Glen will do the hard work and not go missing when the going gets tough and be a voice for the people of Moncrieff to deliver a better and brighter future.