Keir Paterson

Candidate for Melbourne

How to vote for Labor in Melbourne

Keir Paterson is Labor’s candidate for Melbourne.

Before running for Federal Parliament, Keir worked in mental health, running programs and interventions to make workplaces more psychologically safe and mentally healthy.

He is also proud to represent Victorian workers in the superannuation industry as a local President of the Finance Sector Union.

Most recently, Keir was President of the 50,000-member Bicycle Network, which advocates for more sustainable transport and safer riding. 

He is a father of three teenagers and cares deeply about the kind of world we’re creating for them.

Melbourne needs to be part of a strong, majority Labor government that will start the important work of a national reconstruction, committed to leaving no one behind. 

We can’t afford another three years standing on the side-lines.

Melbournians have been impacted by COVID more than most. We need an MP in Canberra advocating fiercely for Melbourne’s central role in the national post-COVID reconstruction.